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Erudition: (n) extensive knowledge acquired chiefly from books; profound, recondite, or bookish learning.

Erudition is a new zine concept which is all about learning. What's something you've learnt recently? It can be anything: a fun fact, a new recipe, or perhaps a cautionary tale. I want to hear everything!

The reason I ask for your age is because I want people to understand that we never stop learning, and we're all at different stages. It's okay if you didn't learn to tie shoelaces until you were an adult, or if you learned how to boil an egg yesterday. 

All learning is valuable! I want Erudition to be a celebration of that. I can't wait to hear about what everyone has been learning.

If you care to include a contact e-mail, I'll keep you in the loop in regards to publishing and how you'll be able to nab yourself a copy.