Nekomimi Mode is Japanese for "Cat Ear Mode" - and that's exactly what we're about. Cat ears!

My little business was born in 2015 after I had fabric left over from a cosplay and made myself a pair of clip-on cat ears. They were more popular than I thought! People were requesting that I make some for them, and I jumped at the chance to share my love for all things kawaii.

The business officially debuted at FSFA's 2015 Japanese Festival. Since then, I've taken the cute, fluffy goodness of kitty cosplay accessories to markets around Victoria. 


How They're Made

  1. The ears start out as pieces of fabric! I use a range of faux fur to create the authentic cat look, paired with extremely soft, baby pink mink fleece as lining. Sometimes I like to mix it up with different colours or bold patterns as the lining to create a unique pair.

  2. The ears are all hand-sewn by me, each carefully stitched together with double thread. (My favourite places to do this are on the train or in front of the TV.)

  3. Stainless steel hair clips get attached to the bottom so that they can simply slide into your hair and stay there. I've been making these for a long time and wearing them for even longer, so I know a few tricks about balancing them.

  4. Some ears get additional accessories on the front! Ribbon bows are my go-to, but I love making unique pairs with beads, pom-poms and bells too.



Collingwood Japanese Festival 2015