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The Purple Jumper

Genre(s): Short story, Comedy

Whiskers and Holly first met in the junior non-fiction section of the public library. Holly’s heart was set on borrowing a new book on horses. Whiskers, or Colin as he was then known, was sitting at a colourful, child-sized desk in the corner. Between the stack of opened books, the scattered pencils and the extensive notes, he resembled a miniature graduate student. All that was missing was a coffee in a reusable cup.

Holly found her books – Magic Hoofbeats and Horses and Ponies – and sat on the seat...


Genre(s): Non-fiction, Essay

Okay, card-carrying geeks, let’s all admit it. At some point in time, all of us have been called childish, or immature, or belittled for “liking kids’ stuff”.

            Pokémon. Harry Potter. Anime. Figurines. Trading cards. Comics. Whatever your geeky hobby is, there’s always someone who thinks that enjoying something that’s targeted at a younger audience is childish. Hello, fun police.


Genre(s): Supernatural, Gothic, Romance

It was only a week after the autumn equinox. The chill of winter was beginning to creep into the air, scrubbing colour from the sky and adding a breath of crispness to the breeze. The grass was finally beginning to recover from a dry summer as faded yellow was replaced with lush blades.

            Twilight smothered the park. The leaves of cedar trees rustling and distant car engines were mere murmurs. After hours, the tall spiked fences and elongated shadows discouraged any late...

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